Saturday, November 6, 2010

Poor Journalist Poops At Sales Job

I'm sorry that some of my Poor Journalist Gets To Business followers may be the last to learn -- I crashed and burned. I was an utter failure at becoming a saleswoman and beating the recession in Michigan by earning 57 K.The truth is, I never even got my feet off the ground. I did knock on a heck of a lot of doors, though, and I was quite charming -- even as I gained fifty pounds in six months trying to make it. People enjoyed talking to me. I just couldn't get them to say yes or no.

I learned some valuable lessons, though -- namely, it's a BUNCH harder to start a 100 percent commission sales job in the middle of a recession with not much of a warm market and no experience. Basically, it's nearly impossible. I kept taking loans from my dear old dad. And he can't afford to be giving loans to people.

So at the end of the summer I gave it up. I became an environmental activist. At about $75 per day, it pays quite a bit better than the salary of a first-year 100-percent commission saleswoman with not much experience. And I couldn't stand the thought of asking my dad or sister for another penny. Plus, it was activism for a good cause -- protecting the Great Lakes Water Basin.

On Sept. 23 I crashed my car on the interstate on my way to work and learned my car insurance had expired Sept. 6. My insurance agent had been calling me to see if I would come and sell insurance for him and I just didn't realize he also was calling me to tell me my insurance was due. The due date had recently changed and previously I had been having payments automatically deducted from my checking account. I escaped the crash without a scratch -- but it was a major wake-up call for me. My life and health had spun out of control with all the pushing and pushing to get ahead while ignoring my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms (mostly pain and fatigue but also balance and frequent need to urinate).

I prayed. Then I prayed some more. And I felt God tell me to put my health before economics. So I did. After much discernment I came to the Creative Health Institute in Hodunk Michigan for a three-month internship to become a raw food chef and learn the raw food lifestyle. It isn't something I am planning to make much money at but who knows where this path might lead me. It's just something I felt I needed to do to get back on track with my health. So far it's going great. I've been here for three weeks and been eating a 100-percent raw diet the whole time -- and learning lots of really interesting things.

That's pretty much all I have to tell you. I don't know where I am going. But I can tell you this -- even after three weeks on this diet I have new hope that I will be able to have many more options in the future. It's really true -- health should take priority over economics. Without it, we're really quite sunk.

So this concludes the Poor Journalist Gets to Business series. Thank you for following!

I am sorry to have been a bit of a disappointment.

And I invite you to check out my new blog about my raw food wellness journey at

Thank you again for the kindness and support on this journey!

Peace be with you.

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