Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crunch Time

The pressure is on for me to write about $15,000 in business between now and the Fourth of July. I'm taking a rest and reflection day at home today. Went to Church this morning, picked up a few staples at Trader Joe's on the way home (Strawberries, raw almonds, cheese, Ezekiel Bread) and I am getting mentally prepared become a saleswoman.

The truth is, I haven't crossed over yet. I'm not selling very much. I can set appointments with pretty much everybody. No kidding, I think I can set an appointment with like four out of five business owners I meet. People don't want to say no to me. The only problem is, I haven't learned how to get them to say yes to me, either. It's really time consuming -- and I wouldn't mind the time if it was leading to a sale and referrals. But I am starting to see that in some cases the stall tactics are a blow off.

So, today while I am doing my laundry and cleaning house, I am going to be listening to some sales CDs. Also, I'm going to read my books about selling and better memorize some of our product brochures so that I can convey the information with more confidence.

I've been spending too much money buying potential clients pizzas and sandwiches and cupcakes. The products sell themselves if the information is conveyed correctly. No more feeding people to get their business.

This is crunch time!

Have a great week everybody and keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Want some Aflac? No kidding. Let me know, I'll come sell you some! I should be really pretty good at it by the end of the week!

Oh.. and this is the thing...

I think having a gift for setting appointments but having trouble with closing deals puts me in a worse situation in some ways than that of somebody who isn't so good at setting appointments. It's like everybody wants to be my friend. They like me. They trust me. But hey -- I've got friends. Nothing personal. I love friends! I need clients.

And just one more thing...

I did invest a little bit of money in Aflac incentives (some really cool plush ducks that fish and wear cute outfits and stuff and some pink ball caps for breast cancer awareness... stuff like that). I think they were a good investment. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of that, though. I think they are a better investment than pizza and cupcakes.

OK, Maybe just a few more tidbits to convey...

A veteran insurance salesman has generously volunteered to spend some time in the field with me this week and I think it will really help me get my game on. I hear he's killer at salons! I have one salon enrollment on Wednesday and another salon enrollment in the works -- possibly to be scheduled later in the week. I'll keep you posted.

Sales is pretty much all psychology I guess. The truth is, so far in this life I've filled the role of being a really nice sort of nerdy girl. You know, the somewhat submissive and fun-making youngest child in a boisterous family. I'm the person you want to read stories to your children. I'm the best friend of the most popular girl in school -- you know, the one the guys call to figure out how they can get a date with the most popular girl.

But I can't keep being that sweet nerdy girl if I expect to sell anything. I need to take it up a notch. I need to become a force with which to be reckoned!

Crunch time!


  1. The more referrals, the more sales. Don't kick yourself, the more people to ask, the more you get, fact of life.

    Old Sales Rep

  2. Thanks Raven. Hey -- am I following you now? I tried. I hope you have a great week!