Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Starting a career that's 100-percent commission based can throw a wrench in the diet and exercise regime of someone who has to pay strict attention to what she eats -- especially when she is starting such a career with no savings account, really on a wing and a prayer, I suppose (although, I am not certain what that means, exactly... a wing and a prayer?).

During the first few months of this career transition, my eating program has fallen by the wayside and I'm fatter for it and less healthy. That isn't good, not at all. Some people can do fat gracefully. I am not one of those people. It's not just that I don't like the way I look. I don't like the way I feel. That's the big thing -- feeling effective and healthy.

Friends and family who support me in this career transition have been so kind. They gave me bags of groceries, grocery cards. I felt their love and I really appreciate them. But by the time I admitted I needed help with healthy groceries, I had already strayed from my program. Once I stray at all, it takes me months to find the willingness to follow it again. I thought I was willing to follow the food plan a few weeks ago but I wasn't. Today I am feeling willing and I took action by calling other people who follow the program I follow.

When I feel effective and healthy I have more energy. When I feel effective and healthy I'm a much more dynamic salesperson.

I spoke with a friend of mine who does the same food program I do on the phone today. Like me, she has had a number of slips and road trips from the behaviors and community that support our healthy lifestyle. Currently she has been following the program for about sixty days. She's a mom, a teacher, a full-time student.

"Maybe the 57 K goal was unrealistic given that I didn't even get through sales school until half way through the second quarter of the year. I said, really, the 57 K goal is more like 90 K, maybe even 95 K. I think I might have been looking at this a little bit ridiculously. I mean health has to come first, right?"

"Yah!" She said. "I mean what is this 57 K goal anyway? I mean everybody knows about it because you published it. I mean the goal is paying your bills, not how much you make. The goal is paying your bills and putting some healthy food in your stomach."

Everyday wisdom.

Everyday goals.

This is why I need people in my life who know me outside of computers. This is why I need people who understand my eating and health issues.

Making 57 K may well be possible. Heck, I could make even more than that, I am told. Some new agents do. But none of it matters if I get fat in the process. Because, like I said, I just don't do attractive, robust, healthy fat. If I get fat it's accompanied by stressed, depressed and lethargic.

Just for today -- not going there!

I won't be blogging much about the weight and eating issue. I think it's a private matter and I'm not out here to become a diet guru. But I do think it is important to note that it is something that I deal with while I make this career transition. Everybody has something, right? We all have our issues that can throw us off our game. Eating is mine. I'm really grateful to have a way to deal with it.

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