Friday, July 16, 2010


RATS! I didn't hit Fireball today.

But guess what -- I'm still walking with dignity. I'm not slinking around like a failure and dragging my tail between my legs.

Oh wait, I guess I don't have a tail! It's been such a CRAZY BUSY week, I didn't really consider that fact when the image of me NOT COWARDING AROUND like an ashamed animal came to my brain.

I'm a success today! I feel great.

And I feel great because I'm loved and I worked my tail off (oh wait, back to that tail issue... I admit, I never really had one to begin with... you get the picture...).

Seriously, I put the pedal to the medal; I faced my fears; I got up early and out the door every day this week; I worked late every evening; I serviced existing accounts; I paid my first claims; I won the business of three very professional and respectable small businesses owners (enrollments for those accounts will happen in the weeks ahead); and I wrote a few policies (OK, so one of the policies was a policy I wrote on myself... but I wanted it. I needed it and I got paid premium on it; so it counts). And today, the very last day for me to achieve my fireball, I hustled! No kidding, I was hustling up business at 7:30 a.m. today. I wrote a policy at a very difficult account. The enrollment conditions had been horrible. I was only able to see two out of twenty people. And one of them bought a policy today. Additionally, I sold a direct policy to a guy at a corporate business and I have a few more opportunities for cold market direct business on the hook.

I'm a saleswoman. No joke. I feel like a saleswoman and a business owner today.

The Blessed Mother may not have led me to the sale of twelve policies today like I thought she might be going to do. But she did lead me to much greater self confidence, to greater independence as a business owner, and to greater faith that I can do it and I am on the right path.

It was a wonderful day! I felt loved and protected all day.

And last but certainly not least, I received a check and a cashier's check in the mail from my sister. AND these donations to the Patty Maher Insurance Agency were not only extremely generous but also lovingly packaged within a beautiful card that had... drum roll... FOUR ROSES... on the front! My sister happens to have a devotion to the Blessed Mother also. She doesn't read my blog very much (not unless I post a link to her Facebook wall. She hasn't yet figured out how to negotiate the blogosphere) and, I am pretty sure, knew nothing of my friend's mother's vision of the Blessed Mother and roses. The card from Blue Mountain Arts had "The Tale of Two Very Different Sisters." My sister wrote in the card that she had had it for about three years and just felt that this was the time to send it.

The card my sister sent touched me more than anything else that has happened this week. It was incredibly healing to me. My sister and I have had our differences and sometimes those differences have felt irreconcilable. I thank God today that our family is stronger than differences and that this sister is in my life.

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  1. Love reading your tales. Keep going. You have my utmost confidence and admiration. Been following you since OS.