Saturday, August 21, 2010


OK Poor Journalist readers, I hope you're not bothered by all the dating news. It really is news and it really is related to the poor journalist getting down to business on a few accounts.

In the first place, I've hardly had any dates at all in five years. I guess my confidence was shaken quite a bit when I lost my job and went through some economic troubles. I somehow didn't feel datable. But that isn't true. I know that now.

In the second place, I'm using online forums to meet guys and this is quite an indication that I'm starting to get more modern. Yes, you remember me -- the one who doesn't really know how to work a DVD and still collects VHS movies from the thrift stores.

In the third place I've decided meeting new people may actually lead to a new career.

I do tend to get a bit melodramatic about dating. I can't stand it when I like someone and he doesn't like me. It's always so hard to understand, isn't it? I mean WHY WOULDN'T he like me? I'm so friendly and fun and I clean up pretty well. I suppose it couldn't have anything to do with the neurotic e-mails I sent him. Or the texts I sent after he blocked me as a contact on the Catholic dating site.

I just felt a little bit misunderstood is all. I wasn't trying to get him to like me. I guess I was just trying to get him to understand why he was wrong for not liking me. :-). I certainly don't want a man who doesn't fully understand the magnitude of my loveliness, though.

So, I just wanted to report that it was a little bit sad for me to be let down in such a way by the philosopher guy but you don't have to worry. I've always been resilient.

And tomorrow night I have a date with a very sweet-sounding real estate developer. He had wanted me to come to a summer festival tonight in his home town but I can't make it. I have some projects I'm right in the middle of tonight. But I'm really looking forward to meeting him tomorrow night.

I actually like the whole dating thing pretty well. It's good to meet nice new people. This one is my age and seems like a down-to-earth person.

If he doesn't work out, there are lots more where he came from.

For those of you who are single and looking for a mate, let me tell you I have had some real success making contact with people at two free sites -- plentyoffish and the Fox News Detroit dating spot. Just go to the Fox News Detroit website and click on the tab that says "my dating spot" or something like that. I've got tons of mail from both of these sites. I can't keep up with the mail, actually. And it seems as though there are lots of nice people out there.

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