Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dressing for Success

Seriously, I'm done with messing around with underemployment. I want to make some money! I love Clean Water Action so much in so many ways but I've decided I just need to find myself a better paying job that doesn't involve walking for five hours in the dark five days a week in the winter. I admire the people who do it year round; I seriously do.

But I'm suiting up. I'm serious people. I'm going to embark upon a real job hunt. I'm looking for a job that enables me to ask for money for a good cause -- a university, a non-profit organization, a charity...

I'm good at asking people to give money. That's a special gift.

So let me know if you hear of any jobs in this area. This weekend I'm updating my resume and starting to network around this decision. I'll keep walking for the Great Lakes and fundraising for Clean Water Action through the winter if I have to, but I hope an inside job that pays a bit more comes along before December.

Thanks for following my career transition journey. Honestly, your encouragement and suggestions have meant the world to me.

And while I think I've got a real gift for development and fundraising, if you happen to think of another job that you think I'd be good at, please let me know.

I'm going to keep blogging here several times a week and I promise to keep you posted.

I'm super happy that the Washtenaw Rec Center opens up again this week. Exercising is so important when I'm in transition. The Rec Center closed the moment I felt inspired to start swimming every morning and after two weeks of being closed for the annual cleaning, it will open up on Tuesday. Yay.

Seriously, if anybody has any tips or suggestions on job hunting, please let me know. The world seems so much different today than it did when I was job hunting after college. With so much happening online, it seems a bit less personal. But maybe that's just me. Maybe I just haven't learned the tricks of the trade.


(p.s. I put below-the-knee skirt on the Poor Journalist. Appropriate attire is super important. She was just a little bit too sassy! But she's cleaning up her act.)

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