Friday, September 3, 2010


Poor Will. Tonight was the worst night of his life as a canvasser. He's the friendliest young man with such a warm smile and big bright eyes. I just can't imagine why anyone wouldn't be delighted to have him knock on the door.

But Will really struck out tonight; poor guy. He'll only be with Clean Water Action for another week. He got a job doing social media. He'll be managing a blog and Facebook page for a tanning business after that. Will is an MSU graduate and he blogs about the Pistons at He said he'll be posting lots more in October though it's been sort of slow through the summer. If you're a basketball fan, totally check out Will's blog.

I feel bad for the guy. Literally, one man tonight chased Will off his porch in anger simply because he shook his head as he was walking down the steps. A canvasser needs to shake his head sometimes. You wouldn't believe the outrageous things people say at the door. This man didn't go for the head shaking, though -- not at all. He saw it through the living room window and burst through the door and shouted all sorts of profanity at Will. Even as Will was on the public sidewalk, the guy was still shouting profanity at him so that a bunch of neighbors could hear. It was one of his first doors of the evening, so it didn't set the best tone or do much to boost Will's confidence.

If it wasn't bad enough to be shouted at and chased off the porch, poor Will had another bad encounter while canvassing tonight. We were in St. Claire Shores. It's the hometown of State Rep. Sarah Roberts who worked for Clean Water Action for ten years. Typically I've found people in the shores are pretty friendly toward our organization. But that wasn't the case for poor Will. After he was yelled at, insulted and chased off the porch he went on with his duties. And an hour or so later he was stopped by the police. Someone in the neighborhood called the police on Will and another canvasser, Candice, a soft-spoken gray-haired woman who was educated at an expensive private school on the East Coast. She has been working for Clean Water Action since 2005, twelve months out of the year. She goes door-to-door in snowstorms and thunderstorms.

I told poor Will I wish he'd had a hidden camera.

"That would've been AWE-SOME," Will said. Will's a small-statured rosy-cheeked fellow who shares his sandwiches with everybody. He's big into Fantasy Football and he receives picture messages from his mother that make him laugh.

Who would chase a nice guy like this off the porch? Who would use profanity simply because he asked for a donation to save the Great Lakes? Who would call the police on him?

According to Will, it was just a really, really bad night. So many mean people! I told him he ought to get a T-Shirt that says Mean People Suck! for his last week. That'll show them.

"YES!" Will said.

"And that hidden camera!!! You gotta get one of those!"

"Oh man," Will said. "If I had a hidden camera, that thing would be posted ALL OVER Youtube! Man that guy would be HUE MILL EEE ATED!"

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